Why you should have a mobile site

Have you ever visited one of your favorite sites on your mobile phone only to get the desktop version? Then having to zoom in, zoom out, clicking links that don’t work well because of your phones limitation?

I bet it was frustrating right.Having a mobile site boosts user experience for visitors to your site.

Despite the boom in the use of mobile phones, some companies still find it hard to get a mobile site up, which could be driving potential customers away.

So here are the top five reasons in my opinion to have a mobile version of your site.

  • Keep your customers

Having a mobile version of your site helps you retain more customers since they can engage with your site on the move, which is a very important thing in today’s world.

With the rise of smart phones and even feature phones, your website is being accessed more often than they were before by mobile users


  • Better interaction

Mobile sites are designed to allow for a wide variety of phones most of the time. So the features that would usually be inaccessible by mobile users visiting your desktop site could be made available on the mobile site.

This leads to better interaction with you brand and in essence a better experience for your customer


  • Better load times

Loading your desktop site on a mobile phone can be a drag, even for opera mini.

Most users wouldn’t wait one minute for your site to load if they can easily go to a competitor’s site that has a mobile version. And why consume all that bandwidth when you can easily create compressed mobile pages and deliver them promptly to your viewers.


  • Optimize visuals

Having a mobile site means having better font sizes, better images and image sizes and generally better visual appeal to your mobile users.

This increases the time spent on your site. All of which you can see if you use google analytics.

  • More Mobile Traffic

Depending on the idea behind your website, having a mobile site could greatly increase your traffic.

Assuming you run a blog for example, a mobile site is priceless for your customers. They should be able to read your content comfortably from their mobile phones.

More formal bodies might not need it as much, but still, it’s a valuable plus to your user experience.


So there you have it. Five good reasons you should have a mobile site. And don’t forget, your users are getting more mobile than ever before.

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Have any more reasons why a site should be mobile? Or perhaps a site that should be mobile and isn’t? Share with us.

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