And then we found ecommerce

I remember a time when ecommerce was a strange word. And only very few online stores existed. Those were hard times.

I would go though sites like Amazon and Tigerdirect, wishing I could get my hands on everything I could afford. And those were hard times. Somewhere along the line, I found Circuit Atlantic, it was a compromiseI was willing to make, paying more for the same value seemed like a reasonable option at the time, more so when the service charge was removed. My compensation? Value in this case was way more value than I could find locally. But still, those were hard times.

And then there was a tip.
The government started singing its cashless society song, talking about mobile money and debit card transactions and the likes. It was music to the ears of the technologically wise.

And along came Dealdey the first business clone in Nigeria, going hard after the Groupon model. And what do you know, it was a success, I loved their restaurant deals the most. Next thing we knew, the flood gates opened.

It came with the rise of Konga and Jumia Nigeria.

The landscape has since then changed. Average individuals now contact me for projects to build ecommerce site. And aside from the financial benefits, it brings some excitement to my heart. Nigeria has finally found ecommerce.

I’ll watch and see how the nation dances to this tune.

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