My first Mobile Monday experience

First time I really recognized mobile Monday was when I stumbled on the 2012 mobile ecommerce event. I had heard that important players in the field like Sabunta’s Onyeka and Kasuwa management (now Jumia)would be there, someone from Taafoo was also to be there although I cannot remember who exactly right now.

Trust me, for a young lad in his final year, dreaming of moving into the ecommerce industry, this was a dream I did not realize I had before now. I really wanted to be there and meet face to face with some of the biggest players at the time that had come to disrupt the otherwise stable ecommerce sector in Nigeria.

In the end, I did not go. Living in Abuja sucks sometimes.

About two months, a change in job status and a great workplace later, I found that opportunity once again to be at the MoMo Nigeria event for January. I had to go this time, and I did.

And how was it, you might ask… AWESOME!!! Apart from the part where the last speaker came in with some statistic stuff that is, I could see Adis (my boss) just really hating the guy for killing the mood that day, lol. In all fairness, he knew his thing, just isn’t one of those people who know how to make complex algebra look interesting.

I wasn’t exactly early to the event, but hearing two speakers, rubbing intellectual minds with Q&A sessions and meeting tech enthusiasts after the meeting… that’s priceless. It’s like finally finding your place among men if you know what I mean.

So if you’re considering coming for the next MoMo Nigeria event, here’s what I can guarantee you will find:

  1. Great speakers on diverse topics
  2. Ample time to air your views and get feedback on your opinions from industry leaders
  3. A room full of active minds, ready to engage you
  4. Me

You probably already know I wasn’t paid to do this but just in case, I wasn’t.  it’s just a great job that Bobola and the team are doing and I wanted to share that with the rest of the online community.

If you have ever been at any MoMo Nigeria event, do share your insights with me on the comments box.

If you decide to be at the next MoMo Nigeria event, look around for me. Let’s get talking.

Have a great day.

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