How to sell on Kaymu. is an online marketplace that was established to make buying and selling simple, secure, cheap, easy, hassle free; to be certain your needs are met completely and to end up putting a smile on the faces of customers  because our sole aim is to make sure everyone goes home settled  and happy.

In other to be able to benefit tremendously from this package specifically fashioned for you, here is a walk through on the basics of being a seller on Kaymu.

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  1. The first step is to register on Kaymu, no need to fuss about it, it is easy. If you already have an account as a registered user, even better, just log in with your email and password and stroll to the next step.
  2. The next step is to click on “SELL NOW” and then on “START FIXED PRICE”, selling at stipulated prices makes everything smooth and swift instead of going back and forth on the convenient price with a potential buyer, If they feel the price is convenient enough, they sure will patronize your products, if not then they don’t bother wasting your time.
  3. The next requirement is to fill in a relevant title to your listing, give a precise description of the product you are listing and select a category that best suits the item. This is to ensure that your products are visualized when buyers search on Kaymu for items similar to what you sell.
  4. You know you have to select the characteristics of your items and then upload pictures that will completely encompass genuinely the quality of your products. Go an extra mile and show different angles that will captivate buyers and give them a feel of their investment’s worth, make it imperative to specify if the product is a knock off or the original, the more genuine you appear, the more ratings and patronization you get not just from buyers, even from Kaymu.
  5. Next is for you to list the item’s condition, the sizes, duration of the product’s availability and the prices. Letting you in on a little secret, the best way to waylay buyers to your products is by listing prices that are appealing to the all and sundry and to also be aware that Kaymu buyers are a combination of different kinds of people.
  6. The final step is to set the type of payment, the method of delivery and your preferable cost of delivery. Bear in mind that Kaymu is in partnership with the most reliable delivery companies who offer the best prices and are at your beck and call whenever you need them.

After that is done with, Congratulations!!!  you are now a certified seller on Kaymu Nigeria. All you need do is follow up with your buyers and ensure you get the most ratings to boost your shop.

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