A step by step guide to advertising on Facebook

Thinking back to 2011, I had just found out that digital marketing was my dream career, and I went into it wholeheartedly. There was very little known back then about the world of the web and online advertising, Nigerian companies that ran Facebook ads seemed like some hot shot brands, and if you even understood the way they worked, you were almost idolized. Alas, that is all gone.

Today, platforms like Facebook advertising are gaining traction because of their accessibility and ease of use. But beyond being able to create ads, most advertisers without foundational knowledge of the workings of digital media seem to get it wrong more often than not, leading to unrealized profits, poor ROI on advertising campaigns, and in the end money lost.

So in this series, I’d be walking through the proper ways to advertise on Facebook, and the different opportunities available to businesses. More importantly, we’d be looking at ways to ensure that your campaigns are profitable and how to achieve ROI. Here are the topics to be covered and links to the respective posts as they are created.

  1. An introduction to Facebook advertising – What it is, Different ad types and its audience
  2. Creating your first ad – Using images, Writing copy (headline & body), Using variations and Targeting
  3. Ad budgeting – Choosing between CPC, CPM and automatic bids
  4. Optimizing – Checking in on your ads, Measuring performance, Getting results
  5. Profitability – Measuring ROI on your marketing

If you think I left something out, simply drop a comment here and I’d do my best to address that.

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