3 Plugins to make your site social

Let’s face it, social media is a must have today. Both in business and personal life.

And if you have any doubt that it is, then you should check out the effect of a social media stunts in business, both good and bad.

For example, check out Mountain Dew’s Dewmocracy stunt. Got them over 7 million fans on Facebook, and with fans comes engagement and with engagement, loyalty.

It’s simple really.


And so today, I’ll show you a few plugins to make your blog social. And I’ll share with you my personal favorites and what I use on my blogs.

But don’t get it wrong now, a few social plugins doesn’t mean you’re out in the open. You must provide great content for people to share them with their friends, nobody want to be seen as a dork sharing boring, dead content. So get your act together. Let’s dive in.


Digg Digg

Simply put, this is like social media in a box.

The Digg Digg plugin comes as a beautiful floating bar on your blog so users can easily share your content at any time while reading your post. Its effect on load time isn’t that significant so I consider it good. And it has a wide variety of social networks built into it. However I don’t use it on this blog because it doesn’t favor responsive themes.

After checking it out on several mobile devices, I decided to use something else instead that my mobile viewers would find comfortable. That takes me to the next plugin


Social Sharing Toolkit

Not as fancy as Digg Digg, but it does the job in a very nice way. This is what you would find on this blog at the moment.

Why I like this so much is the shortcode function, it works like a charm and I love to add it to my resource pages and portfolio showcase. So although not as complete a solution as Digg Digg, it works better for me. Plus, my mobile readers can now share my content easily.


Facebook Open-graph Plugin

If you have a Facebook fan page, then this plugin would help you gain insight to the relationship between your blog and your Facebook page. For more detailed information, visit the plugin page.



Tweetily promotes your old posts on Twitter. So you download and install the plugin, schedule your posting time and number of tweets per schedule and it works like magic.

Watch your old posts come to twitter regularly and gain new readers.


That’s it! And although this isn’t an extensive list, it’s worked for me. So get out there and make your blog more social friendly.

PS: The official Facebook plugin really has a lot of functions embedded it in, but it started spitting out errors on my blog, so I uninstalled it. However you could try it out. Just might work better for you.

Is there any really good plugin I missed? Be sure to tell me with the comments box.

Thanks for taking the time to read. And have a nice day ahead.

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