Install wordpress in a few steps with cPanel

Welcome to the second part of my WordPress 101 series and building your own website in N6000 or less. Hope you have enjoyed it so far. I’m really glad you dropped by.

Today I’ll be talking about how to install your WordPress site on your domain. I’m assuming you have already bought your domain space. If not you can get one here for 2,500. I am in no way affiliated to these guys, just a user of their service, and I believe most of you want a cheap hosting solution.

Alright then, let’s jump right into it.

I’ll be showing you two ways to do this, through Softaculous, if your hosting provides cPanel, and through an FTP client, Filezilla, if it doesn’t. But I’ll be treating cPanel in this post.

Not using cPanel? Check out my post on using FTP clients to install WordPress

If your webhosting came with cPanel, then you have softcalculus. Just go through the email sent to you by the web host after the purchase and search for “cPanel”. You should find a link to it in the mail. Open that link, take note of your username and password. Here’s a picture of the typical login screen


After logging in, scroll down to the Softaculous app installer as shown in the picture. You would see the WordPress icon there, probably under scripts.


When you click on it, you would be taken to an installation page as shown. Hopefully, it’s up to date, to be sure check the version number. If it’s less than version 2.7, then I advise using the FTP method. This is because WordPress automatic update starts from version 2.7, so if it’s not up to that version you would still need to manually update WordPress which defies the purpose.


After clicking the install button, fill out the fields as are shown in the picture. Fill them based on your specific need, here are a few tips on some of the fields

Choose protocol: leave this as http:// for your personal site

Choose domain: This should be the domain you would like to install WordPress on. is fine

In directory: delete “wp” and leave the space blank

Database name: I suggest you let the program pick out a random name. However you can specify it

Table prefix: DO NOT leave this as “wp_”, that’s a security risk. Change it so something like “mywp_” or “thiswp_”

Site name: The name of your site goes here. Example, “Friday News”, “Ose Omofuma”, “Healthy Living”

Site Description: This is what WordPress shows your users and search engines as what your site is about. Take a look at this site for example


Admin username: Do not leave this as admin, you’ll probably get hacked with that account. Use your name instead

Admin Password: My advice, pick out a really strong password with UPPERCASE, numbers, special characters and the likes. Don’t use something like “mypassword”, here’s an example of the kind of passwords I use “wpEnigine10_DB9”, I can tell you, it’ll take some time to crack that.

Lastly insert your email and install.

You’re done!


Softaculous would send you a mail when it’s done with your login details, shouldn’t take more than 10mins on a good connection.

If you don’t use cPanel with your hosting, check out my post on using FTP clients to install WordPress.

Run into any trouble installing? Or know a better way to this? I’ll be glad to help out or learn from you. Be sure to leave a comment. Thank you for reading.

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