5 Reasons why not being online costs you money

I’m sure you’re wondering what this guy wants to say to you now to convince you of some lie right? Don’t worry I’ll go straight to the lies so I don’t waste your time. But don’t forget the lie, not being online costs you money.

My blog started on Monday 24th, and I was really excited to get it going. Coming from my word-of-mouth freelance marketing style and moving online was a big boost for me. And then I posted this picture on Facebook advertising my site and an initial offer. Ten minutes later an old friend calls, she just saw my ad and would like to refer me to her company. Just two days after my launch.

So here are five sure ways you are loosing money by not being online.

1. You don’t get found

Guess you already figured that one out. I got another call yesterday from another friend, who apparently didn’t know I offered these services, asking for SEO for his blog. All this less than a week after launch, can’t wait for a month to have passed by. Having an online presence makes you open to search from anywhere around the world. I can assure you, nothing else would take you so far, so quick.

2. No one knows what you do

This still draws from my previous point. Remember the friend that dint know I did SEO? And get this, most of us think our little skills are inconsequential to the world. We feel like a spec in the sand. But how many people do you know have the budget to pay for big shot companies? Assuming you’re a girl and do makeup really good, confirmed by friends and family, honestly, lol. Not just compensation. Think about what would happen if you had a website showing your works and someone stumbles on it and gives you a well-paying job. You have your first real client, and that’s how it all starts. It only takes one happy customer to get many others.

3. You limit your contact points

If you don’t go around sharing your phone number to every Femi, Musa and Chucks you meet, then not everybody has your number right. And that’s already loosing you money. Imagine I told my friend “hey, I know this girl who does really good makeup, you should try her out for your show sometime” and then I realize I don’t have your number! Now I know you would say, eh, call my friend that has my number now. But imagine the relationship was much further, imagine I only saw your work once but remember your name. Imagine you had a website and when I googled that name on my phone I found your website with your email add. You would have just gotten a new lead, and potential customer if you do things right from then on.

4. It’s hard to showcase your works

Its simple really. Before I launched my website I had a Facebook page where I put all my past works. So when I got called, my usual suggestion was, “just check out my Facebook page for some of my works”. Now nothing convinces more than proof, so don’t sit there thinking people would trust you just because their friend recommended you. Remember, nothing is more convincing than proof.

5. Businesses and people online make more money

Hubspot, one of the world leading marketing software companies says, businesses with blogs make 117% more income than those without blogs. Now I know you don’t necessarily need to have a blog, but imagine the company with no website at all. This applies to individuals also. And really, if you are a business owner without a company website, you are loosing much more than you could imagine. Being online opens you up to a global market with little effort.

So I have fed you with my “lies”. Still think you’re not loosing money by just sitting in an office or at home waiting for angels to tell everyone you’re a lawyer? I’ll reserve my comments on that. Watch out for my next post, I’ll be telling you how to get found online.
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PS: Another friend just sent a message, just as I was about to upload this, he wants a site too. And you still think I’m lying?

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  • Grace
    Posted October 3, 2012 at 1:17 am 0Likes

    Awesome job. Your best days are still ahead of you.

    • ososoba
      Posted October 3, 2012 at 3:17 am 0Likes

      Thank you so much grace.
      I really appreciate it.

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