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I want more traffic on my blog!

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If you have a website with little traffic flowing through to it, the frustration can sometimes be unnerving. And most times you think you should just quit, or leave the site at that and hope for the best.

But none of these things would bring in more traffic to your website.  In fact, it’ll take

Taming the super powers of social

This is the third part in the series getting found online. Hopefully you have read the older posts on how not being online costs you money and how you can get found online – An Intro, and if you have, I would like to say a big thank you, I really appreciate your time. Today I’m going to be talking to you about how you can put the power of social media and the professional network to use. And I’ll be focusing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

5 Reasons why not being online costs you money

I’m sure you’re wondering what this guy wants to say to you now to convince you of some lie right? Don’t worry I’ll go straight to the lies so I don’t waste your time. But don’t forget the lie, not being online costs you money.

My blog started on Monday 24th, and I was really excited to get it going. Coming from my word-of-mouth freelance marketing style and moving online was a big boost for me. And then I posted this picture on Facebook advertising my site and an initial offer. Ten minutes later an old friend calls, she just saw my ad and would like to refer me to her company. Just two days after my launch.

Utiware Web Hosting – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

After much thought as to whether or not I should write this, I’ve decided it might be best for someone out there.

As a web designer I have hosted sites for five years now, and my very first host was Utiware which I found through a Google search at the time.

First, you would need to understand the general problems with Nigerian web hosting companies before you go on to read this so you don’t get all biased.