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Install wordpress in a few steps with cPanel

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Welcome to the second part of my WordPress 101 series and building your own website in N6000 or less. Hope you have enjoyed it so far. I’m really glad you dropped by.

Today I’ll be talking about how to install your WordPress site on your domain. I’m assuming you have already bought your domain space. If not you can get one here for 2,500. I am in no way affiliated to these guys, just a user of their service, and I believe most of you want a cheap hosting solution.

Alright then, let’s jump right into it.

I want more traffic on my blog!

Reading Time: 5 minutes

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If you have a website with little traffic flowing through to it, the frustration can sometimes be unnerving. And most times you think you should just quit, or leave the site at that and hope for the best.

But none of these things would bring in more traffic to your website.  In fact, it’ll take