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You might be losing 75% of your customers, here’s how to fix it

loosing 75 percent of customers
Reading Time: 4 minutes

In Google’s recently concluded consumer barometer survey, the facts about how today’s consumers use the internet is slowly sinking in; from how TV content is consumed across multiple devices, to where the purchase decision actually starts from. Stats that can provide real business intelligence and support marketing decisions are beginning to roll in, but one data set caught my attention.

Cheap and Quality Android for just N17,000 – Android One

android one
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Two weeks ago, I was watching the playback of the Google I/O 2015 event, that’s where I first got wind of Android One and Google’s plan to bring cheap but high quality Android devices to developing nations. Today, Google announced the launch of the Android One for Nigeria!

What does this mean for the average Nigerian? You might ask; simply put, now we know a cheap ass Android phone that we can buy with confidence. Why? Because its backed by Google’s own Android One!

Top selling product categories online in Nigeria

Reading Time: 1 minute With the rise of the ecommerce boom in Nigeria, businesses small and big are looking to enter into the space with products they know the market wants. The problem is, how do you determine these products? In today’s post, I detail out the top selling products online in Nigeria based on search queries carried out on Google. As you might well know…

How to sell on Kaymu.

how to sell on kaymu
Reading Time: 3 minutes is an online marketplace that was established to make buying and selling simple, secure, cheap, easy, hassle free; to be certain your needs are met completely and to end up putting a smile on the faces of customers  because our sole aim is to make sure everyone goes home settled  and happy.

Google Analytics IQ Test Now Free

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For us marketing professionals that need certifications to show some level of proficiency, having a Google Analytics IQ certificate has been held in high esteem. Not only because it is seen to be unlike the generic AdWords certifications, or because, up until now, it was still a paid certification programme, it was also more technical and uncommon.

But as of tomorrow, 22nd September, the Google Analytics IQ Exam will be taken for free on Google Partners!